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Graine de Papier | Explorama
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Explorama uppercase in different weights Explorama in different weights and sizes Book cover - Explorama in use Explorama uppercase Explorama in use Explorama in use Explorama - Quote by David Bowie Explorama - Different weights in use Explorama, part of the character set in different weights


Type design

Explorama is a text type family designed to make serious or technical content friendly to read, and encourage readers to dive into complex subjects.

Originally intended for nautical adventures and drawing on my sailing experience, Explorama will suit all kinds of explorations.

Explorama is built on the idea to explore and share, to take you on a journey, where you can comfortably discover and learn new things.

Including weights from regular to black and italic, Explorama can apply in all places where knowledge is shared.



Explorama is the original typeface I designed in 2022 at Type West.


Lettering & type