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Graine de Papier | Your image
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Your image

A business or brand image is a lasting imprint that must make sense and ring true. It reaches out, sparks emotion, tells a story, marks originality and creates a bond.

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One of a kind

Your business, brand, product… is unique. No other has the same vocation, the same history, the same values, the same environment…

Through your image, be yourself, with authenticity, veracity and conviction.
Reveal, cultivate and assert your image!

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A strong brand image:

  • displays your identity, your values and your position
  • makes you stand out from the crowd and get noticed
  • reaches out to your target audience and forges a link
  • sends out a message
  • enhances your brand awareness

At Graine de Papier, we’re here to advise you on your visual identity and to build a sound and meaningful strategy and bespoke tools and materials. Above all, we strive to touch your audience and deliver your message clearly and simply.

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