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Graine de Papier | Graine de papier
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Graine de papier

Germinating and growing your image!

Here at Graine de Papier, we breathe life into your image and graphic design.

Identity cultivation, image enhancement, simple beauty, culture of things built to last, local value, an eye for detail, the pleasure of working together, a mindset of trust…

Here at the western tip of Brittany, the salty air and sea breeze stimulate inner creativity.

Graine de Papier is built on the graphic design talents of Carine Vadet-Perrot, together with an entire ecosystem of local, trusted partners.

Carine Vadet-Perrot

From a blank canvas, Carine conjures up a graphic identity or unique object.

She is renowned for her exclusive talent with over 15 years’ experience in graphic design, paper engineering and lettering.

The ingenuity behind her cutting, folding and compositions echoes the vision she has of her work: taking something fundamentally simple and noble, and imagining, materialising, precisely, accurately and uniquely.

Carine has a photographer’s eye, a craftsman’s hand, an artist’s instinct and is a technical thinker. She also radiates her passion for inventing, composing and nurturing strikingly touching and meaningful creations.